Things To Do Before Turn 20

things to do before you turn

This is inspired by Ollie’s post about “Things to do before you turn 30”. Here is my version :


1. Work and get a new life

I graduated when I turned 17. My plan was to go to college, but I received a job after thinking that would be cool, I took it.
As time passes by, I realize that this is the best decision I ever made . Since started working here, I have met with many successful, inspiring people with brilliant minds. They amaze me and I learn so much from them. I have left behind the life of rules academic that I used to be. I am very grateful because I always have many opportunities to increase my knowledge about what the real life is.

Now, I can be somebody in my own kingdom.


2.Enjoy Ourselves

I often see many people feeling blue and people with negative minds or maybe they’re just being crazy all the time. Ther reasons seem crazy too, such as they don’t have a lover, they can’t be with the one they love.

I understand it’s very humane.

But, I’m sad watching all those people, if they realize the world big enough to find true love, they will not be sad. I chose to be free and enjoy myself with my ordinary life, even i do not have a boyfriend.
Because I’m too busy learning and building my dream. Also, My time is too precious to waste on sitting around thinking over myself without a boyfriend.

Guys! We can do whatever we want. But, why not try another path? So get up and let’s take an action. Show to the world that we’re as teenager still can be the best and we can enjoy ourselves without any interruption.



3. Traveling out of Country

You know, there’s so much time that can be used for traveling around the world. We can find the true beauty of the amazing places around the world that we could never imagine before. We better try to go abroad and get some fresh air.

I remember, when I first backpacked to thousand islands with my best friends, i had so much fun because i was in the nature.  Every step I made, I was filled with amazement. All i wanted to say was “How precious my Lord who has created this beautiful place”. And I believe there are so many other parts of the whole world that are more beautiful than this.
Now, I’m 19, I only have one year left before turning 20 to try to explore overseas. I will try my best to be there as soon as possible. Where exactly is “there” ? Only God knows.

As far as your minds can go, it will be a place nobody can reach but yourself. You will get limitations only if your minds are closed.


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