A Shitty World


An inspiration hits me as i walk to my classroom. I want give my opinion about a shitty-world.

I’ll always curious about anything that interests me, I’m learning and searching everything wherever i have time, at office, at home, at library, everywhere. Because it makes me easier for me to answer when someone asks me about specific topics. Also, i can be knowledgeable. I won’t be fooled by fool people , i won’t be a victim, a poor victim in future.

What a shitty world actually? Why do i make it as a topic? Does it matter? Or maybe this article is shitty too? I’m sure everyone has different judgment, so let your opinion out guys! I won’t blame you. Anyway let’s get to the point!

For over a year, I’ve been working as a social media specialist and a copywriter, I know a bit about advertising world, digital and visual. Because as a copywriter we should know everything even the small ones. In advertising, making people satisfied is the final destination otherwise satisfying a client is better to be done, because they pay us. It’s normal maybe, but umm. . . sometimes it just shitting me. Hahaha

Indonesia is the state consumer of market-globe. I’m admit that I’m an enjoy-consumer of the facilitates such as a movies, songs, fashion etc. I used to be consumer of celebrity Hollywood news before i could open my mind greatly (ups I don’t mean to admit as a great person) I was consuming shit news, a lot of people write articles about celebrity who I like and I’ve been spent my day clicking a hundred times page that were related about that. There were so much falseness, untruth but i enjoyed at those times, Ugh! I understand why they sell shit articles to satisfy people, because as I told we are consumer and by the way they can provide their profit by it. Hahaha. . . don’t be a gossiper that cheapen yourself because this is one of shitty-world.

Ah, I also did a research about a world that does exist but some of us didn’t know it, One of another shitty-world. As we know, entertainment is available for entertaining us where sometimes we have a heavy day and need a relaxing time. There are a lot of people behind it, either in good way or bad way some of them do act normally with incredible scripts in order to attract our attention. Once we give it to them, they get what they’re looking for, the rate is going up to the max but we only get shit out of it. Oh! How poor we are. . .

That’s why i called “Shitty-world” the world is almost filled by liar.


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