About Me

Hi ! My name is Meri Melindasari, I am from Indonesia, west Jakarta.
I was born in Jakarta August, 22 .
I love writing, blogging, traveling and everything that can makes me smile.
Green tea addicted and hater of coffee.



You can read my articles here Blog NextDigital

I also works at Setujuh.com  The best Crowdsourcing in Indonesia for graphic designer, and freelancer is very welcome. We would like to invite you join with us. Also, you can join at Facebook Setujuh  and follow  Twitter Setujuh

I need more time to explore the world that i belong to. I have big dream and i really want they come to my life “aamiin”. 🙂

Want to know me more? Maybe you can find me on Social Media here they are :

Merry’s Twitter

Merry’s Facebook

Merry’s Google+

Merry’s Linkedin

Thank you for taking little time to read my bio.


Little Girl

Irama Dalam Bisikan


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