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You know life is like reading a book, every single page has story that may will make you scare, happy, make a something laugh, or even your tears fall. We don’t know which one will we get from every page. You just need believe that Allah has better ways for us if only we can put trust on Him.  And you will know who people that stay at your life or just walked in your life. that’s life

And this is one of my page story…

More than 180 minutes we have been spent together, nothing special but it’s simply special for me.

First, finally I saw his face

Second, finally I heard his voice

Third, finally I saw his laugh

Forth, we laughed together with the same things

Fifth, we walked on the same line

Sixth, he had next to me

Seventh, he tried made me smile

Eight, he waited me at Allah’s home

Ninth, we got conversation with much smile

Tenth, I knew his smell

Eleventh, we ate my favorite food

Twelve, I’m just thanks to Allah because for over every month I have waited, and that day was really my big day.

And the most important about life is Some people are about to leaving and staying